AAA Concrete has been a well established business for over 18 years; there are obvious advantages in buying a franchise, the most important being that you will be purchasing a tried and tested business concept. AAA Concrete is by far cheaper than starting your own business in the same sort of market and it brings with it a recognised brand image.

It is estimated that whilst only one in five new-start businesses will still be trading after five years, some 90% of franchise operations will have succeeded. One of the key issues of buying into AAA Franchise and why it does so very well is the fact of extremely low overheads.


The biggest expense for you will be a small outlet of yard to park your truck with prices as little as 120 per month or less. Renting an office along with all the other commodities can lead many companies in to making very small profit margins.

Ready mix concrete has been a well established business for many years, the problem with ready mix concrete is if you order 6 meters of concrete weighing 14.4 tonnes it is placed on the floor on some kind of polythene, the water then starts to evaporate making it extremely difficult to manage along with labour intensive work reloading it back to wheelbarrows to transport the concrete where needed.

AAA Concrete mix on site to your actual amounts needed not a rough estimate. The concrete is mixed freshly then neatly poured into an awaiting wheelbarrow ready to be transported to the project. AAA concrete mix on site to your exact amount needed which is cost effective to the builder and the DIY enthusiast. Even a professional builder can over or under estimate up to 30 % leading to either too much concrete or too little.

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