The techniques in this chapter help you to make the best decisions possible with the information you have available. With these tools you will be able to map out the likely consequences of decisions, work out the importance of individual factors, and choose the best course of action to take.


The idea of owning your own business seems to be gaining popularity as many individuals who work for a company are in a dead end job with little pay for what they do along with no rewards and a lack of a quality life. These are all valid reasons to want your own business, but the success or failure of a person's business venture is as unique as their DNA.


What this means for you -- the decision maker -- is that you finally have, if not perfect, the most complete tool possible. You quickly can see what could happen, how likely it is to happen, and therefore be able to judge accordingly. If your thoughts are telling you this is for me then AAA Franchise will invite you for a meeting to discuss the logical next step along with a day out on the road.

In your final decision to proceed further with your investment we will work closely with you, with ongoing support developing your business into a successful business venture.

Sum up

From experience taking on this business venture will be a very rewarding and exciting new role in your life enjoying what you do along with commitment resourcefulness and motivation.


• Flexibility – it can be much easier to balance your work and personal life when you’re not reporting to someone else. Depending on the nature and demands of the business, you can do what you want when you want.

• You’re in control – as an employee, there’s nothing more frustrating than having ideas or suggestions rejected or feeling that you don’t have enough responsibility or scope for initiative in your job, so being your own employer puts you firmly in the driving seat. The planning and decision-making is all down to you.

• Sense of achievement – building something up yourself can bring a tremendous sense of satisfaction and personal accomplishment. Many people who are employed find that they reach a stage where they feel restricted and unable to achieve their full potential in their jobs, so running a business can be a natural career progression and an excellent personal challenge.

• Enjoyment – for all of the above reasons, running your own business can be immensely enjoyable, especially if you also like the type of work that you are doing. You have chosen what you want to do, where you want to do it and how you want to do it – you’re picking and choosing the elements that make up your perfect job. You don’t often get that much scope when you’re employed by someone else.

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