Frequently Asked Questions.

Realising your dream of starting a new business is one of the most rewarding and challenging things you can do.

Q. Does the franchisor welcome comment and business ideas from the franchisee?  
A. Absolutely, we feel that any questions and ideas are very important to AAA Franchise and the reason why we have become so successful by listening to other people. 

Q. How long will it take to the day of start trading from the day I sign the contract?
A. The day you start trading is all about timing and publication of the books you will be advertising in.

Q. What help if any at all will AAA Franchise pay to the cost of advertising and if I want to do some of my own?
A.For the first year to help you along your way all advertising will be paid in full by AAA Franchise.

Q. Will I have sole territory to my area? 
A.YES you and only you will have sole territory for your area.

Q. Do I have to contribute to another cost of advertising and promotions? 
A. For the first year all advertising is paid by AAA Franchise, promotions thereafter for the future will be paid by the franchise.

Q.  Will I need a large sum of money for working capital to start my business? 
A. No after your payment for the franchise working capital start up is extremely low cost.

Q.  Will there be any other cost added after my initial down payment? 
A. Just a small telephone bill for your free phone telephone number.

Q. Will I need to pay a deposit or payment in full, and if I decide against it will I lose my deposit or a majority of it?  
A. This will be discussed at your meeting.

Q. Will AAA Concrete web site help me expand, and how will sales be directed to me? 
A. AAA Concrete website is done by very a experience website designer who will direct all traffic to you via the website set up and postcode free phone telephone numbers,

Q. How will the public know about my services? 
A. VIA yellow pages, BT Phone book, Thompson Local, Yell Direct. Click the links to see where AAA Concrete appears.

Q. What kind of support will I receive? 
A. Ongoing support will be 110 % from AAA Franchise.

Q. How long will it take to recoup your investment? 
A. This will be discussed at your meeting.

Q. How profitable is the franchise? 
A. This will be discussed at your meeting.

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