Setting Up

AAA Concrete is a perfect choice for all small and large loads mixing on site you your actual requirements without any waste.

9/10 customers are absolutely thrilled and a little confused as first when you first show up on site, our concrete is always freshly mixed, ready mixed concrete is dumped on the floor leaving labour intense work reloading the wheelbarrows to transport the concrete where needed instead of pouring it straight into the wheel barrows.

You will be equipped with the entire essential packages specialising in small and large loads to constructions sites and the DIY enthusiast, Home owners undertaking a conservatories project, small or even a large extension, driveway, shed base over sites etc. Your start up package will be a fully equipped 26 tonne gross truck ready to deliver concrete to builders and the DIY enthusiast, all advertising for the first year will be paid by AAA Franchise along with the website, marketing sales all directed to you newly started business. The website is total responsibility of AAA Franchise.

Advertising books you will appear in.                          Ballast prices & Cement prices.

You will need to purchase ballast and cement which will be covered in your package deal paying the exact price for materials as AAA Concrete, We will also welcome you to come visit us and see for your selves our profit margin and turnover per annum. It is absolutely imperative and in AAA Concrete best interest that your business package become successful along with a 110 % commitment from us.


The AAA Franchise training programme is an extremely thorough undertaking you will be on-board of one of the trucks to see for yourself how things work. You will be going out on site to see how the concrete is produced and supplied, taking phone calls, loading up with water ballast and cement, and handling cash with an all-round hands on training programme regime.


Experience is not at all necessary all we ask is that you have 110 % commitment and a willingness to work hard for a successful business venture.

Lgv Driving

A 26 tonne truck can seem a little terrifying to some people to drive, despite the size and the weight of the vehicle many of today’s LGV, S are extremely easy to drive along with the luxuries of most cars and far easier to drive and control. If you do not have a (LGV) Licence large goods vehicle for operator franchisees, a test can be arranged by us at the department of transport.

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